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  • SALE! 1 on 1 Coaching session with Oz $100
    Oz has over 10 yrs of experience as beauty business owner. Schedule a coaching call with Oz to address your A to Z business concerns. Whether its a business plan, finding your niche, knowing your audience, building your business foundation or developing marketing strategies, Oz will sit with you and help WERK it out.
  • SALE! FOREVER FLAWLESS (Brow & Lash Package) $300
    WANT TO WAKE UP FLAWLESS EVERYDAY? Save time getting ready every morning with semi-permanent mink lash extensions and microbladed brows. Strand by strand mink lash extensions are added to the natural lash for fuller longer lashes. Microblading is a newly popular method of cosmetic tattoos that mimicks real hair . $50 deposit is not included in price (4-6 wk. touch up not included)

    • Full face makeup $125
      Complete glamour package! Application includes full brow sculpting with wax (or razor arch) concealer, foundation, 2 or more eyeshadows, highlight and contour, blush, lips, and strip lashes

    • CLASSIC Bridal Consultation (makeup only) $75
      In your Consultation, Oz will review different bridal makeup looks she recommends. The bride and/or bridal party will choose which look they want to have for their special day. Oz will do a trial of the chosen makeup look.  Any additional wedding details and Makeup by Oz Bridal Agreement are also covered during your consultation.

    • DIAMOND Bridal Consultation (hair & makeup) $200
      This is our bigger bridal package. You and a guest relax with complimentary champagne. The bride ,Oz , and co., will review all different bridal makeup looks and hairstyles to find the perfect bridal look for her perfect day! The bride and/or bridal party will choose which look they want to have for their special day. Oz, and co.,  will do a trial of the chosen makeup look and hairstyle for the bride on that day. All consultations must book with at least 14 day notice and per email approval 
    • Full Makeover- MOBILE-LOCATION $250
      Full MOBILE makeup application for photoshoots,birthday parties, prom etc. Local Atlanta Area Only. Must email location where Makeup artist will be coming to perform services

    • Mobile Bridal Makeup-LOCATION $450
      This is a full makeup application for a single bride only. Includes full face, brow arch, and strip lash. All brides receive Bride-to-be-baggies including lipgloss/lipstick for touch up ,  blotting papers, breath mints, kleenex, and more.

    • Classic Natural Mink Lashes $125
      Natural Mink lash extensions are short and/or medium lengths.They are very natural in appearance as if they might be your own. 65-75 lash extensions are added strand by strand to your natural lashes,  (approx. 60%-80% of lashes) Full sets are $125 and last 4- 6 weeks with refills . Refill are recommended every 3-4 weeks.

    • Classic Vixen Mink Lashes $150
      Vixen Mink lash extensions are medium and  long lengths. They are more dramatic in appearance and fullness. 80%-100% of lashes are covered. Full sets start at $150 and last 3-4 weeks. Refill are recommended every 2 weeks for these lashes and cost is depending on loss of lashes from $80

    • Classic 3 week Lash Extension Refill $80
      You have had 2-3 weeks of natural lash shedding, and/or loss of around 40-60 lash extensions. Last lash appointment was 17-21 days ago
    • Classic 4 week Lash Extension Refill $100
      You have 3-4 weeks of natural lash shedding, and loss of 60+ lash extensions. Last lash appointment was 22-30 days ago.
    • 3D Volume Lash Extensions $175
      Volume lashes are extremely fine lash extensions hand made into fans and are applied to each of your natural lashes. This is good for anyone that wants a very full , fluffy lash line. Especially great for those with thin or fine natural lashes
    • 3D 3 week refill $100
      Volume lash refill
    • 3D 4 week refill $125
      Volume lash refill 
    • Bottom Mink Lash Extensions $45

    • Lash Extension Removal $30


    • SALE! 3D MICROBLADING Brow Tattoo $350
       3D brows are a semi permanent makeup or in other words a brow tattoo. Microblading is Short hair like strokes that fill in gaps, redefine arch, give fuller brows and shape. Lasts up to 3 years depending on skin type. Touch up recommended  12-18 mos.  This is your initial appointment. You must schedule your 4-6 week touch up during this visit. Must arrive 20-30 min before appointment time for paperwork and numbing session.
    • SALE! COMBO Brow Tattoo- 3D Blading + Shading $400
       This permanent makeup technique is perfect for clients that like want a bolder, darker brow look. Microblading creates a natural hair like strokes ,while the shading fills in your brows through the arch and tip . This is a great brow tattoo for persons with oily skin, but is great for all skin types. Get Water proof! Smudge proof brows will last 2- 3 years !
      This is the initial procedure ONLY. Please arrive 15-30 min before appointment to complete paperwork and begin numbing.
    • 4-6 week Combo brow touch up (sold separately) $125
      This is the follow up appointment for clients who booked their initial Combo brow appt. 4-6 weeks ago.
    • 4-6 WK. 3D brow Touch up (sold seperately) $100
      Follow-up appointment for healed microbladed brows. We will evaluate your healed results from the initial procedure, and perform the touch up.
    • 1 yr Brow Tattoo Touch-Up $250
      This service is for clients who previously had their brows tattooed (anywhere from 10 months-18 months ago )
    • Brow Sculpting $20
      wax and/or razor brow grooming and shaping 


      • SALE! 3 Day- 1 on 1 Lash and Microblading Training $1,500
        This is Oz's most intensive training. This 3 day course covers all aspects of mink lash extensions, classic , hybrids and volume. The basic theory and application, Advanced Lash Styles and Patterns,Lash extension refills, bottom lash extensions and Business and Brand Development. The microblading class covers your standard microblading techniques, safety & sanitation, correct depth of tool, different blades, skin types, brow shaping, permits, client forms and more. There will be a live demo for students to participate in. Latex skin training will also be included.You will receive a 2-3 month supply Pro lash extension kit and Microblading Kit. 
        You will need to provide a live model for day 2. (Makeup by Oz may be able to assist securing model within reasonable requests)
         You will receive a personalized Certificate from Makeup by Oz. 
      • 1 on 1 Makeup Training Session For Artists (4HRS) $400
        This is for aspiring makeup artists that would like to focus and improve their skills in applying a flawless full makeup application, These training sessions include brow sculpting, eyeshadow application and blending, foundation selection and application, blush and bronzing techniques, highlighting and contouring the face, lipstick and liner techniques, eyeliner tips and false lash application. It will also cover makeup brush types and tools needed. $50 deposit is required to book this appointment. Session is
      • 1 Day- 1 on 1 Mink Lash Extension training (8HRS) $800
        This is a basic 8 hour training course in mink lash extensions. In this course you will get your own lash extension kit (2-3 month supply). You will learn the basic theory, process and application of lash extensions. 
      • 1 on 1 Microblading Class (8 HRS) $1,100
        This Private class covers your standard microblading techniques, safety & sanitation, correct depth of tool, different blades, skin types, brow shaping, permits, client forms and more. There will be a live demo for students to participate in. Latex skin training will also be included. All students receive certification and Pro Kit to start your business.

      • SALE! Microneedling Facial - Bye Bye Dark spots! $98
        Microneedling improves the surface and appearance of skin by reducing acne scars, oversized pores, pockmarks, fine lines and wrinkles. This facial treatment uses 12 tiny needles to puncture the superficial skin all over the face. These tiny punctures rapidly kick the skin into healing mode.  This procedure is 100% painless with our toplical numbing cream  Most patients will experience some redness ,that may persist for  a maximum of 24 hours. Unlike chemical peels , your skin will not "peel off"This procedure has little to no down time. 

      • SALE! Hair Restoration and Touch up Package $420
        We create a fuller hairline in and around the temples. We use a manual (microblading) technique or machine (shading) technique based on the clients individual needs.This is a cosmetic tattoo technique that can last 1-3 years. Topical numbing cream is applied for 30 min. Procedure can take 90 min. or more  This package includes both the initial procedure and your 6-8 week follow up procedure!

      • SALE! Hairline Restoration (Microblading Hairline) $300
        This is a cosmetic tattoo technique for clients that have thinning hairlines , edges, mustaches, beards, etc. This tattoo can last 2-3 years depending on clients skin type and aftercare. Topical numbing cream is applied for 30 min. Procedure can take 90 min. or more 



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